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FoReLab - the research for 2030 an beyond




The Industry 5.0 paradigm shift requires visionary, long-term fundamental research on enabling technologies, which will gradually mature to become industrial research. 


The FoReLab project addresses the challenges expected to shape research and industry in the next decade(s), such as digital sovereignty, human-centric technology, resilience and environmental sustainability by focusing towards new methodologies, paradigms, and enabling technologies for Industry 5.0.


The new competencies created can be transferred to large enterprises and SMEs – either directly, or by forming a new generation of highly skilled employable innovators. 


FoReLab combines research activities, staff and infrastructure through a holistic approach that leverages the contribution of all the ICT disciplines and develops four research lines that are expected to have a high impact in the future I5.0 paradigm: Trustworthy Artificial and Embodied Intelligence, with the objective of making AI and collaborative robotic systems dependable and usable for critical applications; Human-Centric Systems, to develop ICT systems that combine human strengths and peculiarities with those of machines; Future Networks, to engineer networks that can support new industrial processes and emerging applications; Smart Materials Devices, to design new-generation reconfigurable, adaptive and eco-compatible devices.


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